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Fake Breads
Please browse our fake breads. They are great for props in stage productions or museum displays. All are realistic and excellent quality. If you don't fine what you need, please contact us and we'll do our best fulfill your fake bread needs.
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Price $9.00
Not too hungry? How about one faux bagel with cream cheese. Made in the USA
Price $16.50
a Yankee favorite...bagels with a schmeer
Price $8.50
French Crescent Roll
Price $14.00
French buttery crescent rolls.
Price $12.50
This larger crescent roll looks fresh out of the oven
Price $13.50
French Crescent Roll drizzled with rich chocolate syrup
Price $24.50
French Horn Rolls drizzled with rich chocolate
Price $6.00
Plain Dinner Roll
Price $15.50
Setting up the kitchen table? Our artificial baguette half with 4 Slices looks ready to eat.
Price $19.00
Plain Dinner Rolls
Price $7.00
Poppy Seeded Dinner Roll
Price $22.50
Sesame Seeded Dinner Rolls
Price $22.50
Poppy Seeded Dinner Rolls
Price $25.00
Whether you call it twisted bread, egg bread or challah, this is by far our best selling fake bread.
Price $25.00
French Baguette Bread - 14” Long x 3' Wide x 2" High
Price $27.50
Giant rye loaf, just like they the ones in the kosher delis.
Price $7.00
Sesame Seeded Dinner Roll
Price $20.00
Carb free diet? This Italian Bread Replica is the perfect solution.
Price $27.50
America's favorite bread. This fake loaf looks ready to slice.
Price $15.00
Our pretend bakery made this realistic copy of the french classic.
Price $14.00
Bread - Italian Hoagie Roll
Price $24.00
Long italian breadsticks.These are a great fake.
Price $14.00
Seeded Sliced Bread Pack of 2. Looks good enough to eat.
Price $8.00
Seeded Sliced Bread One Piece.
Price $7.00
American white bread slice.
Price $12.50
Soft American white bread slices
Price $8.00
This plastic slice is toasted to perfection.
Price $14.00
These plastic slices are toasted to perfection.
Price $5.50
Plastic Dark Rye Bread or Pumpernickel Slice. A perfect display item for a Kosher Deli.
Price $8.50
Plastic Dark Rye or Pumpernickel Bread Slices. A perfect display item for a Kosher Deli.
Price $39.50
Plain, Poppy and Sesame Seeded Rolls in a linen napkin lined wicker basket
Price $114.50
A large assortment of our imitation breads in a jumbo basket with handle. Your neighbor will think you just brought them home from the bakery.