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Native American Food Set

Native American Food Set
SKU: 9373
This kit reflects healthy eating choices for the Native American populations. It contains 27 food replicas depicting a variety of commonly eaten foods. With your creativity in teaching, you can show the red meat and call it wild game and turn the Indian fry bread into true bannock - don"??t be afraid to get creative. Replicas include:

beans, green, cooked
beans, lima
beans, red
beef roast slice
carrots, cooked
cheese cubes
chicken breast, grilled
corn, whole kernel
egg, hard boiled
Indian fry bread
milk, white whole
peanuts, whole
perch, broiled
pork chop, loin
rice, long grain & wild
salmon, poached
sunflower kernels
tortilla, corn
turnips with tops, diced
yam chunks

This product is part of our Nutritional Education series of fake food products and an appropriate portion size to teach nutritional instruction. It's durable and easy to clean if properly cared for. Always store in a plastic bag when not in use. Avoid contact between replica and printed materials, wood finishes and extreme heat.

This product is not edible or a toy. Not recommended for children under 12 years of age. There should always be adult supervision when children are handling any of our fake food products.
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