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Which Side Are You On? Food Kit

Which Side Are You On? Food Kit
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Which side are you on when it comes to food choices? Generate a discussion on healthy food choices. Includes food replicas, resealable bags for storage, and nutritional information for each replica.

Replicas include:

Poor Choices:
• bacon
• bun, hamburger
• bun, hot dog
• cheese, American
• chicken leg
• chicken wings
• cola
• hamburger
• hot dog
• ketchup
• mustard
• pickle relish
• pizza, pepperoni
• potatoes, French fries

Better Choices:
• apple
• bread, whole wheat
• broccoli
• grapes, green
• lettuce, romaine
• milk, skim
• potato, baked
• raspberries
• salad, tossed
• strawberries
• tomato
• turkey

Also children will love as it is wonderful for children's hands on activities. Excellent for museums, commercial or home staging, restaurants, bakeries and deli's. Durable and easy to clean. Made in the USA.

This product is part of our Nutritional Education line of fake food products. Nutritional Education products are flexible plastic resin, latex free, non toxic and lead free products.

We select them for durability, ease in keeping clean and non toxic for children's hands on activities.

Always store in a plastic bag when not in use.

Avoid contact between replica and printed materials, wood finishes, and extreme heat.

Not recommended for children under 5 years of age. There should always be adult supervision when children are handling any of our fake food products.
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