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Unique Fake Food Gifts for Your Holiday

Want to give that perfect yet unique holiday gift? Look no further than our fake foods.
Below are some of our favorites.

Crazy Gift Ideas

Here are some of our newest and most unique gifts this year. Give one these and be the hero of the holidays.

Pouring Beer

This beer never runs dry. Great gift for any beer lover. Made in the USA. See our Pouring Guinness too.


Juice Head

This is how a glass of juice really gets poured. Available in this set of two, but also available as individual orange and tomato juices.


Floating Fork

This is one magical plate of pasta. Made in the USA. Great gift for all pasta lovers.


Seat Savers

Place one of these on your seat and no one will dare take your seat as you run to the bar or bathroom. Many styles available.


Hand Crafted Spills

These spills make great gifts that will generate laughs and conversation all year round. From classy wine spills to a diner coffee mishaps, we have spills for all settings and occasions. Our spills are made to order by our fake food designers in the USA using high quality materials. No two are exactly the same. Truly unique gifts. Orders yours today.

Wine Spill

Wine spills are the worse to clean, but this spill in no mess. Great for the wine connoisseur or anyone who enjoys a great glass of vino. Also available with white wine.


Ice Cream Bar

Don't worry. This ice cream bar will melt no more. Extremely realistic for a truly unique gift. An ice cream cone spill is also available.


Coffee Spill

One of our classic spills. Looks great in the office on a desk. Or, anywhere coffee is served. Other styles available.


Nail Polish Spill

Spilling nail polish will drive anyone mad, but this spill will only make you laugh. A nail polish remover spill is also available.


Popcorn Spill

Pass the popcorn, don't spill it. Great for movie night.


Beer Spill

Don't cry over split beer. A perfect gift for the beer lover. Also available as bottle or can spill.



Someone lose their teeth? Perfect gift for those with dentures or dentists.


Snowmen know that we have many many more SPILLS available. Please check out our full selection before time melts away. SEE ALL SPILLS

Sushi Grade Gifts

Sushi for the holidays? You bet. These new products are the perfect gift for sushi lovers. Look great on your desk or kitchen. Designed and assembled in the USA.

Stand-up Tuna Sushi

If tuna is your favorite sushi, this is the gift for you.


Stand-up Shrimp

Shrimp is the best. Order today for your shrimp loving friends.


Stand-up Horsemackerel

This is one nice looking piece of sushi. This would look great in any kitchen.


Snowmen also know that we have many Sushi Fake Foods. Please check out our full selection before they swim away. SEE ALL SUSHI

The Gift of Drink

Know someone that has a favorite drink? We have a large selection of fake drinks. Our drinks are make in our fake food studio in the USA. All realistic and lifelike.

Beer Flight Paddle

A selection of beer on a wooden paddle. The perfect flight. See all of our fake beers.


Cactus Margarita

This fake margarita will please any tequila and lime lover. Check out all of our mixed drinks.


Root Beer Float

Nothing beats a root beer float. A great gift for fans of root beer and ice cream


Snowmen love our fake drinks. See all of our fake drinks to find the perfect gift.

Kids Educational Gifts

Kids love to play with their food. We make that easy with our huge section of kid friendly foods. Safe and non-toxic. Great for home and classrooms. Give you child the gift of food this holiday season.

Fruits & Vegetable Shopping Basket

Help your child do the shopping with this kid sized shopping basket with a full selection of fruit and vegetables.


Ice Cream Cones

These toy ice cream comes come with their own carrying case. Many other styles available.


Fruit Puzzle

Kids love food and puzzles. Our food puzzle are the perfect gift. Many more styles available.


Snowmen buy all of their kid educational toys from us. You should too as they make great gifts. SEE ALL KID FOODS

Food Ornaments

Deck out your tree this when with some great fake food ornaments. Also make great gifts.

Margarita Ornament

Decorate your tree with your favorite drink.


Cupcake Ornament

Cupcakes are great for all seasons.


Carrot Ornament

Veggies can make great ornaments.


Snowmen love our ornaments. Be like them and decorate your tree with our fake food ornaments. SEE ALL ORNAMENTS

Fake Food Magnets

Deck out your tree this when with some great fake food ornaments. Also make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Burger Magnet

Dress up a fridge with a deluxe burger magnet


Ice Cream Bar Magnet

Keep some ice cream on the outside of your freezer.


Coffee Spill Magnet

A spill on your fridge that you don't need to clean.


Yes, snowmen have fridges. And they love fake food magnets. SEE ALL MAGNETS

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