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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Unique Gifts for Your Holiday.

Hand Crafted Spills

These spills make great gifts that will generate laughs and conversation all year round. From classy wine spills to a diner coffee mishaps, we have spills for all settings and occasions. Our spills are made to order by our fake food designers in the USA using high quality materials. No two are exactly the same. Truly unique gifts. Orders yours today.

Wine Spill

Wine spills are the worse to clean, but this spill in no mess. Great for the wine connoisseur or anyone who enjoys a great glass of vino. Also available with white wine.


Ice Cream Bar

Don't worry. This ice cream bar will melt no more. Extremely realistic for a truly unique gift. An ice cream cone spill is also available.


Coffee Spill

One of our classic spills. Looks great in the office on a desk. Or, anywhere coffee is served. Also available in a mug or an additional paper cup.


Nail Polish Spill

Spilling nail polish will drive anyone mad, but this spill will only make you laugh. A nail polish remover spill is also available.


Popcorn Spill

Pass the popcorn, don't spill it. Great for movie night.


Beer Spill

Don't cry over split beer. A perfect gift for the beer lover. Also available as bottle or can spill.


We have DOZENS more unique spills.


Seat Savers

Never lose your seat again. Need to get a drink, visit the bathroom or just want to stretch your legs, put one of these packets on your seat and NO ONE will dare take your chair. These make great stocking stuffers and are available in a variety of flavors.

Ketchup Seat Saver

America's classic condiment working hard to save your seat.


Mustard Seat Saver

It's not Grey Poupon, but it'll reserve your seat.


Chinese Sauce Seat Saver

These Chinese Food favorites won't lose your seat.


Food Magnets

Class up your refrigerator with our fake food magnets. You won't find cooler decorations for your kitchen that will brighten your kitchen all year long. Make great stocking stuffers.

Chicken Wings

Two chicken wing magnets. What more can you say?


Donut Magnet

There is nothing better than a donut on the fridge.


Pizza Magnet

Hey, there is a pizza on your fridge.


Ice Cream Cone Magnet

Chocholate, Strawberry or Vanilla? Yes, please!


Cheesecake Magnet

Cheesecake is the cake of cakes.


Hot Dog Magnet

Put a hot dog on it.


For the Kids

Kids love to play with their food. We make that easy with our huge section of kid friendly foods. Safe and non-toxic. Great for home and classrooms. Give you child the gift of food this holiday season.

Kid Food Jars

Play food with its own storage container. Many styles available.


Food Puzzles

Kids love these food puzzles. Multiple styles available.


Vegetable Basket

12 piece vegetable set with shopping basket.

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