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Fake Cakes & Pies

fake cakesMaking a realistic fake cake and pie is not easy. You need quality materials, precise tools and molds. And most importantly, skill. Our fake food artists are true artists. They have years of experience of making artificial cakes that look convincingly realistic and long lasting. They are by far the best in the fake food industry.

Nearly all of our cakes and pies are hand made to order in our Fake Food Studio located in the United States. We can do full cakes and pies to individual cake and pie slices. We use the highest quality materials and our secret process to create fake food masterpieces. We have perfected our technique over many years. You will not find better fake cakes and pies anywhere.

Our cakes and pies look great as props in film, television or theater. Use them on your restaurant dessert display tray. Or create a unique retail window display with our fake cakes. Out cakes have appeared in weddings and other celebrations.

Please browse our site and look at our fake cakes and fake pies. Ask any questions. If you don't find what you need, our artists can likely make a custom fake cake for specific your fake cake need. We want to be your one and only source for fake cakes and pies.

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